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England vs. Germany ref gives red cards in 70% of games

Yahoo Sports: Jorge Larrionda, the Uruguayan referee assigned to the England vs. Germany round of 16 match on Sunday, apparently "enjoys breeding animals, mainly birds dogs and parrots." He is also quite fond of taking little red cards out of his pocket. So fond in fact that, as the Guardian reported this morning, he has sent off players in a whopping 70% of matches he's refereed at the international level since 1999.

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-Mezzo-4992d ago

lol, Both teams will have to be extra careful with their tackles.

FootballZilla4991d ago

Germany will beat England dont know why but im certain about this one ;)

polarbear4991d ago

Both teams are usually careful, but I'm sure they'll try a lot harder to watch their tackles

RED_HEAD_RYAN4989d ago

That's a terrifying statistic