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Being coached by Bob Bradley finally catches up to U.S.

Yahoo Sports: It was bound to happen and against Ghana it did, perhaps a bit earlier than it really should have. The U.S. just fell behind one too many times and their exciting run worth a lot of praise came to an end against a solid Ghana team that deserved the 2-1 win in extra time.

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-Mezzo-4991d ago

i know a few hours old but it's history now, the best thing to do now would be learn from the mistakes and comeback even harder.

FootballZilla4990d ago

I agree, when a team loses there is allways so many excuses. A better thing to do is come back alot better.

Ampomah4990d ago

I think the U.S team wasn't bad.They played very well and showed a great deal of tenacity to win against Ghana. Ghana was just better on the day.

Ampomah4990d ago

I believe the U.S is going out of this tournament, not disgraced but disappointed. to them, I say good job and better luck next time.

polarbear4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

Bradley really does make some bad decisions in most of the games
He also never gets the team to work on what they always mess up in every game

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