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Germany 4-1 England: Brilliant Germany Dismantle Unlucky Three Lions

England are out of the 2010 World Cup after being thrashed by Germany at Free State Stadium. Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski scored and it looked comfortable, but Matthew Upson's tally gave England a chance to comeback. The Three Lions will be aggrieved that a Frank Lampard strike was wrongly disallowed at the end of the first-half, but Thomas Mueller's second-half brace gave coach Joachim Leow's side a convincing 4-1 victory.

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skynidas5043d ago

Again, the referees fuck up a game, that 2-2 could have changed the result. They need to implement the videos in soccer games, there are too many errors by the referees.

MechaGear5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

There is hope for reforming the rules once the old farts are gone from the FIFA.
Still football has to remain a sport that can be played in the remotest places of the planet by all rules.

polarbear5042d ago

They should bring in those near goal refs that the Europa league uses (I think that was who)
Either way, England just didn't get the defense to work together like they needed

FootballZilla5042d ago

England got broke into piece's.

fralne5042d ago

germany is best, england stood no chance

Rowland5042d ago

The most disturbing aspect of this sorry mess is that the manager & players didn’t grasp the factual reality that the core team selection, formation & tactical choice blindly adhered to during the group stage failed spectacularly.. how the coaching staff thought that they could suddenly seriously compete in the much tougher knockout phase without changing is beyond belief.

The performances against a routine USA team and a poor Slovenia side were marginally better than the all time low of Algeria but still woefully short of capability - performances similar to any of the main qualifying games would have resulted in comfortable wins all round and a decent chance of further progression.

The Germany result accurately reflected England’s lack of movement, creativity and energy levels and exposed the tactical shortcomings on and off the pitch - the disallowed goal, appalling though it was (Blatter/FIFA are incompetent hypocrites) cannot disguise this and England could have been beaten by a wider margin even if Lampards ‘goal’ had stood. Why Capello (or the players) didn't rectify the glaring tactical and organisational failure during the game is incomprehensible - millions of amateurs and every TV commentator and pundit covering the game could clearly see what was about to happen after 10 minutes ! so how on earth did England not ? Joachim Lowe saw it coming a mile away and his embarrassingly simple tactical plan revealed post match says it all and humiliates England.

Every quality from one of the most successful and promising qualifying campaigns evaporated completely. England were second only to France as the worst team in the tournament. No creativity, flair, imagination or energy - dull to watch for the neutral, hugely exasperating, embarrassing and depressing for the massive support at home and at the tournament – What a waste.