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Capello Blasts FIFA For Lack Of Technology After Disallowed Lampard Goal

England boss Fabio Capello believes that Frank Lampard's disallowed goal changed the course of his side's World Cup thrashing at the hands of Germany.

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FootballZilla5049d ago

England cant just start blaiming that cmon.

SactoGamer5049d ago

I'm all for the addition of video replay during the next World Cup.

-Mezzo-5049d ago

Agreed, i hope they add the freaking replay.

SelecaoSupporter5048d ago

Where's the blame for not selecting defenders who could defend?

I'm all for replay, because it's freaking ridiculous that it isn't there for the simplest of tasks, but don't try and save your job by saying that goal would have cancelled out your 2nd horrible half.

RED_HEAD_RYAN5048d ago

i agree with the need for technology, but its not going to win you that game. England's performance was piss poor