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Four Reasons the US Was Eliminated From the World Cup

Soccer Fanhouse: The same sense of "did that just happen?" disbelief that followed Landon Donovan's dramatic stoppage-time game winner against Algeria settled over Royal Bafokeng Stadium on Saturday night, as Ghana scored just five minutes into its round-of-16 match against the Americans.

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-Mezzo-4429d ago

I agree with all of the reason, but seriously did anyone really expected them to make it to the Semis.

They have a lot to learn on before that.

SelecaoSupporter4428d ago

I didn't expect them to make the semis, but I did expect them to make the quarters.

There's a lot of disappointment they should be carrying from this Cup.

polarbear4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

They forgot some key aspects, like how Bradley is a terrible coach and doesn't know what he's doing