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He's done it before! Jorge Larrionda was booted off the 2002 World Cup list

Referee Jorge Larrionda's decision not to award England a goal after Frank Lampard's deft effort clipped the cross-bar and bounced a yard behind the line is not the first glaring error made by the Uruguayan official.

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sokrates5048d ago

Cant blame the referee, but the guy running with the flag. The only thing the referee can do is to trust his wing-man.

SelecaoSupporter5048d ago

I knew I'd heard this guy's name before, and that's a bad thing. When you know a ref's name it's only because he's screwed the pooch before.

How does FIFA justify constantly trotting out the worst of the worst?

simplydanny5048d ago

he has to be shown the red card what he did is totally a disgrace to our beautiful game

-Mezzo-5048d ago

Then why is he on the field again. riddle me that.

polarbear5048d ago

Not really surprised they'd have a ref publiclly known for his rediculous calls, considering what we've already seen

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