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Best Players of World Cup 2010 So Far

According to World of Goals here are the best players of World Cup 2010 so far on the WG Index:

1. Müller (Germany)
2. Villa (Spain)
3. Suarez (Uruguay)
4. Honda (Japan)
5. Sneijder (Netherlands)

WG Index Twitter updates:

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-Mezzo-5037d ago

Muller is in the right place.

karim5036d ago

Ozil should be the 3rd instead of suarez
1st match=> 2 assists and almost scored if the defender didn't interfere at the last minute
2nd match => all players were disapooing
3rd: Scored an absolute screamer against ghana
4th : created the 2nd goal and assisted mueller.
World of goals rank the players according to they're goals which is very unfair :(

Cemperor5036d ago

Özil is an excellent player and he ranks in the top 20 on spot number 16. From the German team, he is just behind Müller and Podolski, who in the end scored more goals and gave more assists.

Özil personally impressed me a lot with his play - very creative player and he's also extremely fast. However, he should have also scored more goals. He's had many big chances, which he missed. On the other hand, the goal against Ghana was superb!

quistbaby5036d ago

Thank God you added the world of Goals, Best players shouldnt be determine based on the goals scored but also personal helps to the Team. Have you forgotten of Asamoah Gyan who has 3 goals to his name? As far as this world cup is concern he is one of the finest players in the world cup

karim5036d ago

Robben in 30 minutes, {his return from injury} with his first touch sealed the win when he shot the ball and hit the post then huntelaar finished the job and the 2nd match scored with an amazing shot so i think he deserves to be here

nasa375036d ago

Messi would be up there if he would start scoring some goals

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