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English tabloids calmly react to Germany loss

Yahoo Sports: It's still early, and there's plenty of time for the kind of frothing, pun-spewing meltdown I know we're all hoping for, but so far, the response from the English tabloids to their team's 4-1 loss to Germany has been downright tepid. Words like "shame," "disgrace," "trampled dreams," "surrender," and "Beckham" are being tossed around, but almost apologetically, as if the writers know it's expected of them but are too depressed to give it their best try.

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-Mezzo-4424d ago

LOL, great headlines there.

SelecaoSupporter4423d ago

Those were all pretty awful headlines. The pictures were pretty frightening.

RED_HEAD_RYAN4423d ago

they were pretty funny, you gotta admit

FootballZilla4423d ago

Hahaha loving the headlines.

TheStonedSheep4423d ago

Oh Tabloids, you never cease to amuse me.

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