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Blatter threatens to ban France from international football

Yahoo Sports: In France, trying to separate football from politics is a little like trying to separate the Brazilian national team from the color yellow; the two are synonymous in world soccer. As the New York Times reported following France's win-less group stage exit from South Africa 2010, everyone from low-level politicians to well-known philosophers to right-wing demagogues have chimed in on what the "meaning" is behind a bunch of French stars playing like numpties because they despise their inept manager.

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-Mezzo-4992d ago

He should fire himself first.

solo894992d ago

I don't think Mr Blatter should interfer in France's team management. They made a poor worldcup and they should do every thing to give a good image to thier team. It is a great team with very good players

FootballZilla4991d ago

Blatter so far in this world cup as said and done some stupid stuff...