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Highlights: Spain 1-0 Portugal - 1/8 Final

David Villa scores the only goal as Spain beat neighbours Portugal 1-0 to set up a World Cup quarter-final showdown against Paraguay on Saturday.

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FootballZilla4430d ago

Well Well my team is out :(
We will come back stronger :)

There some pretty stupid decisons by the ref. one thing that i hate is that ronaldo get fouled but every ref think he dives all the time Arghhhhhhhhh

The Hunter4430d ago

Ronaldo is a dumbass! He spat on the camera at the end! It is a poseur and a arrogant jellyfish, I hate him..

And yes! Portugal deserved it. 4 years ago they beat Netherlands with a dirty match.. Spain for the win!

FootballZilla4430d ago

First Ronaldo isnt arrogant, just because you dont like him.

And the match vs netherlands you was as dirty as we. :S

Danteh4430d ago

Yeahhh my dear Spain goes on... can't wait to rape the Argentinians (I hope :P)

The Hunter4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

Yeah Ronaldo is arrogant, thats a fact! Always lie down when there is no foul, to hope he can get a free kick. If he get a free kick, then he shoot always on goal, not to a team mate! How it is a teamsport then? Ronaldo have a big ego.. and if he lose he is a big loser, spitting towards the camera! How pathetic!

And yeah, if Portugal begins then we must also play dirty, because how you win a game then? Unfortunately, it didnt happen.

camehlheon4429d ago

Ronaldo IS arrogant, and selfish, and disrespectful. He's no playmaker, he only relies on himself. All of his goals are selfish rushes into the defence because he's good at running and got good technique, but as a human being (on the pitch I mean, because we don't know his privacy) he's pretty bad.

If it was your dad holding the camera yesterday and he spat on him, what would you say ? Go on Ronaldo ?

FootballZilla4430d ago

The goal was offside that Villa scored .. And Fifa did not show the replay of the goal with the ofside because it was an other fuck up. its there...

FootballZilla4430d ago
it was only by 22cm but he is offside and if we had the tech it wouldnt of counted.. but i dont think we should..

-Mezzo-4429d ago

Portugal messed up today & Spain got the better of them.

solo894429d ago

Hello i don't think portugal messed up. They tried but spain was supperior

solo894429d ago

spain was just fantastic they played like barcelone

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