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SelecaoSupporter4987d ago

This was a dumb match where both teams were afraid to make a mistake, decided by someone making a mistake.

Okada was an absolute moron to send Komano up there to shoot third. He's a defender who's scored 0 goals in his 54 appearances for Japan. Marcus Tulio Tanaka, the defender who was arguably Man of the Match, has scored 4 goals in his last 15 international appearances. Why you would put the worst player on the pitch, one who had obviously dead legs, to take your *3rd* PK is an absolute howler.

Fire Okada.

sokrates4986d ago

Some beatutiful matches the last few days, but this one was boring! Happy to see Japan out. Paraguay goes to the semi...

FootballZilla4986d ago

Paraguay just got the win...

narmonteto4985d ago

Yep this was boring and overall I would say that so far Euro 2008 and cofederations cup were a lot better