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World Cup 2010: Turkey manager Guus Hiddink regrets that Mesut Oezil chose to play for Germany

Germany’s World Cup sensation Mesut Oezil has been playing in this summer’s tournament with false documents, according to claims from Turkey’s new national boss Guus Hiddink.

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The Hunter5099d ago (Edited 5099d ago )

If you was the turkey manager, you want Oezil also in the team, not? ;)

Goal has blown it, he is disappointed.. It can!

And yeah I know it because I am also dutch and see all the dutch programs where he was guest at NOS as analyst, and he is disappointed!

BjornarO5098d ago

Oezil is one of the best players in this world cup.
- I dont think Guus Hiddink said those words.He is a wellrespected man who wont say that. I understand that he is disapinted.
- Germany would never do that kind of mistake.

karim5098d ago

The media could havve twisted his words like they always do

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