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U.S. earns respect in South Africa

Sports Illustrated: In the end, the U.S. tried and they tried, and they ran and they ran, until they couldn't run anymore. The final push against Ghana that everybody expected never came, as the Americans were, all at once, exhausted. Perhaps this World Cup will prove to be the high point for the foreseeable future; perhaps in 2014 in Brazil they won't again draw a group that proved arguably the tournament's weakest, and perhaps they'll draw a path to the semifinals and beyond that features teams that simply cannot be beaten largely on effort and fitness.

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-Mezzo-4986d ago

Well they should get the respect for they way they played,

FootballZilla4985d ago

Yeah im looking forward to see how much Us fans devolped on the next world cup..

there potentialy one of the nations to have an amazing team in the future

nasa374985d ago

They will be amazing by 2014

4985d ago
atokwamena4985d ago

the blackstars of ghana were too good for them