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WC 2010: Who Was The Bigger Flop – Rooney Or Ronaldo?

The two superstars of the modern game were expected to excel and take their countries to the latter stages of the World Cup. But both of them came up with below-par performances and their teams got knocked out from the round of 16.

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FootballZilla4473d ago

Ronaldo as always been playing bad fro portugal, but he plays outstanding for his club, Rooney plays good for both but this World Cup the whole team played bad.

ramicito4473d ago

I will say ronaldo because ronaldo had a whole team behind him while Rooney had to go get the ball from midfield pathetic when you have gerald and lampard in the midfield and yet you can not get a descent pass!!!

d4v03334473d ago

for me its Ronaldo cause everybody always says Ronaldo is the best football player and nobody can touch, but in reality he is not a good football player the only thing he is good at is being fast that's it and Rooney like Ramicito23 said Rooney had nobody to help him that is why England lost

FootballZilla4473d ago

Lol did you just say that ronaldo is a bad footballer player..

He is one of the best players in the World but never does anything for Portugal for his clubs he plays good as everyone knows.

RedDevils4472d ago

Should try and stop going down too easily, just look at Ronaldo Fenomenon he never goes down like CR, if Cr can do that he can have a better opportunity to score goal

polarbear4472d ago

I'd say Ronaldo
Both are good for their clubs, but Ronaldo is seen as the better player and really didn't show much of it

FootballZilla4472d ago

Agreed but Ronaldo does amazing for is club - R.Madrid, Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and nothing for Portgal makes me angry because i support Portugal and i know he can do better.

CptBach4472d ago

Rooney has all the english team behind him..

Ronaldo can't do everything on his own

FootballZilla4472d ago

not really ronaldo was being a bit greedy