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Highlights Uruguay 1-1 Ghana (Pen 4-2) WC 2010 - 1/4 Final

Uruguay beats Ghana & goes through to the Semi-Final.

0-1 Sulley Muntari 45'
1-1 Diego Forlán 55

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-Mezzo-5038d ago

Ghana, well played, i sincerely believe that Ghana deserved to go through.

SelecaoSupporter5038d ago

That truly was Ghana snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Tough break for Africa.

The Hunter5038d ago

Ladies and gentleman, this is Luis Suarez..

He does everything about it dragging out a victory! If he not made the hand ball at the end, then Uruguay lost the match! This is Suarez as I know him, you love him or hate him! ;)

Really sad for Ghana, but most for the whole african nation! Quarter Final is still the end for african teams on the World Cup..

FootballZilla5038d ago

Uruguay deserved to win i think :/ i do like Ghana aswell though.