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Video: Brazil Goalkeeper Julio Cesar Cries In Post-Match Interview Following Netherlands Defeat

You don't need to understand Portuguese to appreciate this clip. Julio Cesar takes almost 30 seconds to compose himself an hour after the Selecao's defeat to the Oranje.

Incredible stuff from the 30-year-old custodian, who is widely considered to be the best in the world after claiming the treble with Inter last season.

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The Hunter5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

Everyone says (and I also) he is the best goalkeeper, but by the first goal of Holland it was a huge gaffe from him! If you make mistakes on this stage, then you can not be the best goalkeeper of the world!

On the other side (literal), you see a goalkeeper of my club Ajax Amsterdam! His name is Maarten Stekelenburg, what a save from the shot of Kaka after the samba combination of brazil! Watch out for this goalkeeper (he can be the new Van der Sar), I get also a sad feeling that he will change Ajax for a bigger club :(
But I wish him all the luck!

Anyway, I sympathize with Julio Cesar, but I am a happy Dutchman ;)

FootballZilla5071d ago

Stekelnburg was good today.

FootballZilla5071d ago

And Julio Cesar may not win a World Cup as he is 30 now.

The Hunter5071d ago

Van der Sar was 35 years when he played his last World Cup and 37 year when he played his last UEFA European Football Championship! Julio Cesar will be 34 then when he maybe will play the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil.. Yeah and I think Brazil will then be the absolute favorites (THEY MUST!!)

destrier235070d ago

he kinda threw melo under the truck here

Domer255069d ago

Melo threw himself under the bus. Disgraceful act cost his team the possibility to tie.