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Highlights : Spain 1-0 Paraguay (WC 2010 - 1/4 FINAL)

David Villa 83'

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BjornarO5070d ago

paraguay had the chance and did a really good match, but Spain vs Germany is not wrong either.

FootballZilla5070d ago

Spain Vs Germany is going to be a good game.

polarbear5070d ago

Paraguay had some good chances, just couldn't make them

FootballZilla5070d ago

Agreed they played good an they are a dangerous team have you noticed that all the south american teams have gone out slowly.

BjornarO5070d ago

yes i have noticed. In start it looked really good. But allthough i think they have played the best football.

RedDevils5069d ago

I like Chile, Mexico, and Paraguay, style of play also Japan they're awesome for an Asian team. France was suck, Italy is a U-30 team, England is ok but way overrated, Argentina is Ok, but they ran out of steam too quickly

Danteh5070d ago

haha fuck you we are gonna win the World Cup :D

RedDevils5069d ago (Edited 5069d ago )

You think Germany is crap, btw spain is so struggling to win matches even the easies one, consider how many stars the teams has, is like Real Madrid of the WORLD CUP LOL

narmonteto5069d ago

Spain were really lucky and what a goal that was from David Villa

RedDevils5069d ago (Edited 5069d ago )

that goal is like a miracle since the ball land right at Villa foot, with the ball hitting both poles and stay in lol. Imagine Villa was being marked I'm not sure who can score for spain, Iniesta can only score like 1 in 5 matches, Ramos can do all the tricks he want in the end he end up being tackle just like messi lol Oh btw Tores/Rooney/Messi/Ronaldo they're all flop in the WC hahaa :P

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