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World Cup 2010 Video: Maradona Consoled By Daughter After Defeat As Joachim Loew Watches On

Goal writes: "Even after a humiliating World Cup quarter final defeat, we learn of another side to Diego Maradona".

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skynidas3444d ago

lmao, the way Joachim Loew looked at him was funny.

-Mezzo-3444d ago

That One Hot Daughter. =]

ramicito3444d ago

I hit my Tv with the remote after ther 3rd goal. but I have to respect the German coach he is a great coach his team played like a team as for diego he did what he can. Argentina need a coach and 4 new deffenders

RedDevils3443d ago

Me and My Friends was laugh our ass off when Germany score the 4th goals :D