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Uruguay, Netherlands, Germany & Spain - who will win World Cup 2010?

After three weeks and 60 games, we are down to the final four teams in the World Cup 2010, but few would have predicted a set of Uruguay, Netherlands, Germany and Spain before the tournament began.

It has been a shock-laden tournament, with the first round of matches bringing a defeat for European champions Spain to Switzerland, and then 2006 finalists Italy and France BOTH failing to get out of their groups - the first time that has happened to the winner and runner-up from the previous tournament.

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-Mezzo-5128d ago

I would either go for Netherlands or Spain or Germany, it way to hard to choose at this point.

narmonteto5127d ago

A lot of surprises this year, so I have no idea, but I hope Netherlands will win it

Domer255127d ago

Holland Vs Germany final?. Hard one to pick, both are strong in the back.

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