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Lampard 'goal' linesman refuses to admit gaffe

The Linesman whose cock-up help send England spinning out of the World Cup claimed last night that he had not made an error at all.

Uruguayan flagman Mauricio Espinosa missed what hundreds of millions of fans around the world saw clearly as Frank Lampard’s shot crashed off the bar and two feet over the German line in Bloemfontein.

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karim4901d ago

We already forgot about the gaffe...why always reminding us of this old mistake...anyway stupid linesman,not referee

SelecaoSupporter4900d ago

If he can't admit that he screwed up, he deserves to never be a linesman again.

narmonteto4900d ago

I don't get it why people are so eager to get his apology, I know what happened, you know what happened and thats it

polarbear4900d ago

It'd be better to at least admit he was wrong

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