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Five Biggest Disgraces of the World Cup So Far

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is coming to an end and everyone is looking back at what had happened and dreaming about what should happen in the on coming Semi finals. Of course, too, the FIFA World Cup Finals on Sunday.

Many nations are surprised and many are disappointed. Italy, who successfully got last place in their group, would certainly be one of the most disappointed nations. France, who also got a early exit, is another disappointed nation.

England, who once again got a perfect reason for being kicked out of the world cup, and Argentina and even Brazil who all have a lot of "should have or could have" are all out of the FIFA World Cup.

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ots4470d ago

its time that another team should be given the spotlight as Brazil and other teams who have won previous world cups should relax and should be glad that they made it as far as the quarter finals.

4469d ago