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Highlights : Germany 0-1 Spain (WC 2010 - 1/2)

Puyol C. 73'

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-Mezzo-4465d ago

What a game, Today Germany didn't looked like....well Germany.

FootballZilla4465d ago

Yeah but if Spain didn't score from that corner it would of gone to pens i think.

Danteh4465d ago

Germany didn't "look like" Germany cause Spain completely dominated them

Sure they didn't score till Shark Puyol came in but holy shit Spain RAPED germany :D

-Mezzo-4465d ago

Well this is been normal for this World Cup.

4465d ago
Pacman3214465d ago

I didnt really think that spain deserved to be in the semi final, but after that performance against germany, i have nothing to say.