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Germany v Spain: player ratings

Who were the top performers in the second World Cup semi-final between Spain and Germany in Durban

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FootballZilla5039d ago

Good match and Xavi A. best player for me.

5039d ago
-Mezzo-5039d ago

This was a wonderful match, though i feel bad for Germany they played very good football up until now.

Cemperor5039d ago

I think Spain was the better team and deserved to win. Too bad for Germany, they played very well up until the semi-finals. Maybe it was the tension and their confidence was too low. I didn't understand the Boateng substitution though. He is an excellent defender and played superb!

putchukoy5038d ago

Well, that is the way how life goes! Even if you were performing great, one opponent could change everything. Look at the world of basketball, Cleveland were the highest scoring team, then they got defeated by Boston. Good job Germany, but GREAT job Spain!!

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