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World Cup 2010 is 'the tipping point for technology in football'

Technology, or rather the lack of it, is in the spotlight during World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Why, fans are asking, does football not have technology in place to accurately determine whether or not a goal has been scored? In the tournament's second round England had a perfectly good goal disallowed when the officials failed to spot that Frank Lampard's shot had crossed the line. Hours later, in the second round match between Argentina and Mexico, Carlos Tevez scored for Argentina from an offside position but the goal was not disallowed.

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putchukoy5123d ago

I second the motion! Nothing beats World Cup!

5124d ago
Pacman3215123d ago

We have to get goal line technology, i don't want to see what happened to england ever happen again.

SelecaoSupporter5123d ago

We need goal-line technology, or goal-line changes. Even if it's some guy standing behind (or in the back of) the net.

We ALSO need some real effing refs. Guys that commit horrible reffing offenses are back to ref at the next Cup.

After those advances, maybe we dedicate some tech to the entertainment experience. Live pass completion numbers and shot velocity stats.