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Referee designations: matches 63 - 64

English referee Howard Webb has been selected as the man in the middle for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Final, it was announced today. The Final from Soccer City in Johannesburg on 11 July will be the 38-year-old Londoner’s fourth game at these first African finals as he also took charge of Spain-Switzerland, Slovakia-Italy and Brazil-Chile.

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The Hunter5123d ago

I saw early this week or a week ago an short piece of the documentary called: "Kill the referee".. He was sitting there (sad) at home for the Television to watch the EURO 2008 final. Now he is the referee in a final at a bigger tournament! Well done Howard!

MaximusPrime5123d ago

I think Howard is a great referee, Well done to him.

I will be watching the final. C'mon, Spain!!!

The Hunter5123d ago

C'mon, Holland!!! You mean ;)

-Mezzo-5123d ago

This game is way too close to call for me, me and my DAD are set to have a Bet when the Final match begins & i am scared to bet on anyone of them.

chelseam10955123d ago

Howard has proven that he is one of the best referees FIFA has ever produced, so I dont mind him refering the Final considering my team is gonna be ot there. VIVA Espanyol VIVA

putchukoy5122d ago

No matter who the referee is, it'll be VIVA ESPANYOL!!!