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2010 World Cup Germany vs. Spain: Five Things We Learned

Colm Larkins Writes:Spain earned its third consecutive 1-0 win to book a place in the World Cup final against Holland.

The exciting Germany will have to endure a third place playoff for the second World Cup in succession.

Here are five things we learned from today’s semifinal game.

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karim4468d ago

I learned that germany are weak when it comes for set-pieces

EatSleepPlay4468d ago

I learned that...if your opponent have a good defense...a defender will score :P

-Mezzo-4467d ago

I learned Spain played well in the Semi-Final of World Cup 2010

putchukoy4467d ago

I learned that....Spain will definitely win the Finals!!

SactoGamer4467d ago

Looking at the photo, I've learned that Spanish women can be quite attractive.