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2010 World Cup Final: The Top Players to Watch in Spain vs. Netherlands

Spain and The Netherlands (Holland) did it.

They are into the finals.

The joy from being 32 to two is just great, and it feels a stone's throw away from lifting the trophy at South Africa.

The type of games that the two teams play are different with a more fluidity in Spain's game through the wing attacks and dribble styles, while Holland, on the other hand, produces a more tactical and central attacking play.

The following features the best ones that eyes will be fixed upon this Sunday in the finals.

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EatSleepPlay4896d ago

David villa,Xavi,Sneijder and robben for me

-Mezzo-4895d ago

I think a goal is due from Torres.

putchukoy4895d ago

The top players to watch for will all be coming from Spain :D