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2010 FIFA World Cup: Power Ranking the Top 15 Blows

The 2010 FIFA World Cup certainly has been hit by a number of blows, and in this article, we rank among them all the top 15 blows which made an impact on the football audience.

Rankings are made from the less significant blows, to the most important blows; and of course, readers still have the option to leave their objections or simple comments. Well, if you think you are ready to explore the slides and make your judgments, then just go ahead and move on; but for your information, videos of the moments mentioned in this slideshow are all

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karim5088d ago

I think Gyan's Penalty miss will be the most remembered but luiz suarez will always be hated by africa

EatSleepPlay5088d ago

Gyan's Penalty miss will be the most remembered and suarez the vilain

EatSleepPlay5088d ago

As Suarez said...mine is the true "Hand of God"

-Mezzo-5087d ago

Thats exactly what i came here to say.

putchukoy5087d ago

hahaha, suarez just made a permanent mark in the history books!