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Harassed Cristiano Ronaldo Tells UK Journalist "Someday, Someone's Gonna Kill You!"

"Love him or hate him, Cristiano Ronaldo certainly knows how to keep himself in the full glare of the media.
It's been a trying week for the Real Madrid star as he holidayed in New York following his poor World Cup, after news broke that he'd fathered a secret child and news and pictures also broke of C-Ron's latest love interest, Irina Shayk.

With so much tabloid interest in the latest Ronaldo developments, one British journalist got a little too close to the world's most expensive footballer as the pair got into a war of words which was captured on film."

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FootballZilla4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

I hate the way the press makes out ronaldo to be arrogant and stupid i mean why would the journalist say maybe someone will break your leg might be rooney :S

kulka4465d ago

who tha the hell does the reporter think he is he treated ronaldo with no respect and askede questions which he should not have asked thick idiot

polarbear4464d ago

That reporter is an ass, but at least Ronaldo should've come up with a better response

putchukoy4464d ago

Lol, sometimes the media can get so annoying

vsfhh4464d ago

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