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Spanish prime minister wants to protect psychic octopus

Yahoo Sports: When Paul the soothsaying octopus predicted that Die Mannschaft would lose to Serbia in the group stages of the World Cup, no one in Germany batted an eyelid. However, since foretelling Spain's semifinal triumph, "Das Krakenorakel" is a wanted mollusk. "Throw him in the frying pan," said a Berlin newspaper, summarizing the thoughts of the nation that would rather see Paul on a dinner plate than in a tank messing around with mussels in labeled boxes.

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-Mezzo-4465d ago

He is nothing more than a tactic to drive in business.

Maradona4465d ago

not much to do for the prime minister

kulka4465d ago

hope he does not chanfge his mind if spain lose to holland tomorrow

Hockey114465d ago

protect him against what?

kulka4465d ago

angry and hungry german fans sushi and staff lol

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The story is too old to be commented.