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FOXNews : New Plant Dubbed 'Vuvuzela' in Honor of World Cup

A newly discovered iris plant was named after South Africa's vuvuzela as a lasting memory of the World Cup, reported South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper.

The distinctive horn polarized soccer fans and TV viewers with some claiming it captures the unique spirit of the event, while others complained it ruined their enjoyment of the tournament.

The plant, "Moraea vuvuzela" is described on the website of the South African National Biodiversity Institute as having colorful, flared yellow flowers whose "massed, synchronous appearance" had appropriate associations with the horn's name.

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FootballZilla4418d ago

The word 'Vuvuzela' is just cool

putchukoy4417d ago

But really....whats the point? Haha

SactoGamer4417d ago

But can it make the same annoying buzzing sound as the horn does?

kulka4417d ago

i did not like those vuvuzelas hard to watch games not talking about playing one