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Nelson Mandela World Cup warning

Peter Hain, the former Welsh Secretary and anti-apartheid campaigner, has warned FIFA not to treat Nelson Mandela like "a modern rock star".

The grandson of the former South African president has said his grandfather was coming under "extreme pressure" from the World Cup organisers to attend Sunday's final between the Netherlands and Spain.

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FootballZilla4094d ago

Nelson Mandela having a African country hosting the world cup was his dream.

karim4094d ago

Fifa are a bunch of disrespecting people

narmonteto4093d ago

I hate those assholes at FIFA so much, how can they pressure Nelson Mandela? It's unimaginable

kulka4093d ago

nelson is more highly respected than all of those bastards at fifa how can they pressure a badly ill person it is highly disrespectfull and an embarrasing to fifia should be ashamed