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World Cup Final: Netherlands 0-1 Spain:Andres Iniesta's late strike grab first ever triumph

Spain are champions of the world after Andres Iniesta's goal deep into extra-time gave them victory over Netherlands in the World Cup final at Soccer City after a goalless first 105 minutes.

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karim5120d ago

What A Shot From Iniesta....Simply unstoppable

karim5120d ago

And Why So , It was So powerfull that the keeper simply couldn't catch it properly
P:S: I was with Holland today...But Spain Played better...btw I was dissapointed with Robben

SelecaoSupporter5119d ago

karim: That was a pretty mundane, point-blank shot from Iniesta. It was unstoppable because of the pass, and the fact that the goalie had two targets at close range to defend.

TheJack5120d ago

Netherlands played badly and went in to damage the Spanish players

karim5120d ago

But you Can't say Spain that spain did not do the same thing ! Did you see how Iniesta Pushed Van bommel and how puyol deserved a red card for the tackle against robben

EatSleepPlay5120d ago

What Happened to the robben magic today ? It was like he gifted them the win. :(

karim5120d ago

I was also disappointed :( IMO sneijder played better

EatSleepPlay5120d ago

Yeah he played better than robben

Cemperor5120d ago (Edited 5120d ago )

I think the referee did a very very poor job. Why did FIFA assign him to the final? Very bad decision. The Netherlands should have received a corner after the free kick by Sneijder in extra time. Iniesta was offside too when the first pass was shot towards him. The second time he received the ball, he was not offside and scored the goal, but it was offside before that, so ref needed to blow the whistle.

I sincerely hope FIFA will introduce technology to assist refs, because if there's one thing that's clear after this World Cup, it's that refs make big mistakes and it can mess up the outcome of a match badly. Mexico and England anyone? And France did not deserve to be at this World Cup to begin with...

SelecaoSupporter5119d ago

Name me one ref who had a GOOD World Cup. It's not like FIFA had an ample supply of refs who didn't screw the pooch.

putchukoy5119d ago

wohoo..i was right in predicting 1-0! I don't care how it was scored, i just love the fact spain won!!

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