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World Cup final: 100 per cent for Paul the psychic octopus

Telegraph : The mystic mollusc confirmed his flawless accuracy after Spain lifted the trophy, beating Holland 1-0.
Paul has become England’s only hero of the tournament after accurately foretelling the result of all six matches involving Germany.

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putchukoy5119d ago

The fact that he got it wrong the last time with germany and spain proves it isn't pyschic. Nut good thing it chose spain!

Mac is OK5119d ago

I can't believe I bet 3 times against what Paul predicted, I feel like an idiot.

SelecaoSupporter5119d ago

I went 3 for 3 once the semi-finals hit, but, Paul's still got me beat by 5.

kulka5119d ago

next time i m gonna listen to him before betting lol

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