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Ten Football Movies To Watch When World Cup 2010 Concludes

Film Stage: Since June 11th the entire world has been at a standstill, tuning into their televisions to watch a rare spectacle, The World Cup. After two years of qualifying matches 32 teams are placed against each other in the final tournament where nations face off to find out who really is the best footballing nation.

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-Mezzo-5061d ago

great list. i still haven't seen some of them.

moha105060d ago

GOAL is a great movie. You don`t need to think, just sit down relaxing and enjoying the movie.

SactoGamer5060d ago

I haven't seen any of those. In fact, the only Soccer movie I remember ever seeing is the Rodney Dangerfield comedy "Ladybugs".

karim5060d ago

Shaolin Soccer IS the funniest football movie ever

fralne5060d ago

agreed, its so epic. gonna check out goal to, havent seen it jet:D

zico5059d ago

you should see it! It`s good

kulka5060d ago

agreed goal is my favourite soccer movie