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World of Goals: Best Players of World Cup 2010 on WG Index

Now that round World Cup 2010 is over, here are the best players of the tournament on the WG Index:

1. Sneijder (Netherlands)
2. Villa (Spain)
3. Müller (Germany)
4. Puyol (Spain)
5. Forlan (Uruguay)

Note: the WG Index is primarily aimed at Fantasy Football / Soccer leagues. The top players on the WG Index will reward Fantasy League players with the most points.

Check out for WG Index.

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moha104460d ago

forlan was the best player!

zico4460d ago

What about Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER? My opinion the best player in tournement.

Cemperor4459d ago

Schweinsteiger played a very good tournament, I agree. Of all top midfielders on World of Goals, he is on position #9. In the overall list, he is on spot #27. Mesut Özil received more points than Schweinsteiger based on his performance and thus ranks higher.

kulka4459d ago

xavi hernandez should be there he was brillant he created everythink for spain best player i have seen