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England slump to worst World Cup ranking

England's performance at South Africa 2010 was officially their worst at a World Cup finals, according to Fifa.
The governing body's post-tournament rankings placed Fabio Capello's side 13th out of the 32 teams following their tame exit in the last 16.

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moha104461d ago

They did not play good but the biggest mistake they did, was not winning the easy group they were playing. If they had became fist in their group they would have an "easyer" way to the final.

zico4461d ago

1 Spain, 2 Netherlands, 3 Germany, 4 Uruguay, 5 Argentina, 6 Brazil, 7 Ghana, 8 Paraguay

25 Greece, 26 Italy, 27 Nigeria, 28 Algeria, 29 France, 30 Honduras, 31 Cameroon, 32 North Korea

France are definitiv the worst in this tournement after their preformance and behavior!!

Spain of course on top! Great football. England`s football is to "old" and belongs to the 1960s.

4460d ago