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Argentina manager Diego Maradona to get new four-year deal

Argentina head coach Diego Maradona is set to be offered a new four-year contract, despite his side's heavy defeat to Germany in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

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sokrates4458d ago

Maradona was a "hero" in 86 and 90. Cheating with drugs and hands. He has got his chance as manager. Should not get one anymore. But, I am happy. Argentina is digging their own hole...

kulka4458d ago

he does not have a clue of how to make a team out of argentina he could soon be fired

moha104458d ago

Agree. Proberly he had the best squad in the world cup, but he didn`t get the best out of the players

4458d ago
20legend4458d ago

A real man with flaws and emotions! Not like the other robots. Argentina in the last years haven't been any good anyway!