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France Striker Thierry Henry Announces Retirement From International Football

13-year career brought to an end

France World Cup and European Championship winning striker Thierry Henry has announced his retirement from international football today.

Henry, 32, has enjoyed a successful 13-year run in the French set-up and helped himself to 51 goals in 123 appearances. The highlights of this spell were the home soil success at World Cup 1998 and victory in the European Championship two years later.

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donb4371d ago

The "STARS" of france create their own fantasy world. They are bigger than their country, and bigger than their team. About time Henry leaves international football. Would not contract him. Ever!

moha104371d ago

Henry have done a lot of good things for his contry, winning both world cup and the european championship. France people should thank him for what he has done!

zico4371d ago

He has not been playing good for his national team, eather in Barca. He played really good for Arsenal, and thats it.

I wish him good luck in MLS.

4371d ago
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