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FIFA Confirms October Agenda for Goal-Line Tech

The use of goal-line video technology remains on FIFA's agenda for October after soccer's governing body confirmed that its rule-making panel will not discuss the issue at its meeting this week.

The International Football Association Board meets in Cardiff, Wales, on Wednesday but FIFA says "the only point on the agenda" is the continuing experiment with extra assistant referees behind the goals.

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kulka4407d ago

finally. football has became too quick for referees to see everythink

lukasz4407d ago

i think they should put the camera s into the sport because it would be easier to spot offside s and goals.

lukasz4407d ago

camera s are included in most sport s so thats a reason to install them

SelecaoSupporter4407d ago

I would put 4 guys on the sidelines instead of 2, one for each half. Why does it make sense to try and watch 22 players with 3 refs? That's just stupid.

BTW, does anyone know when the contest winners are getting announced?