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$tevie Says Relax, I'm Staying At Liverpool!

It was Roy Keane, of all people, who cooed last year that "all football managers are romantics." No, the smouldering Irishman was not suggesting that gaffers up and down the land spend their evenings trying to arrange the perfect bouquet of flowers, penning winsome verse or serenading sweet maidens under moonlit balconies. What he meant was that managers devote their lives to the pursuit of a dream.

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donb4364d ago

Stupid gerrard. 4th year in a row its roomers about his exit from Liverpool. He does nothing to stop them. He was a shame and a shaddow in the world cup. Of course he stays- no big clubs want him anymore!

moha104363d ago

ha ha. Why do you have 7 bobbles when you claims that "he was a shadow in the world cup and the reds are not a big club???? Are you a envious ManU fan? I think he and Lampard properly are the best midfielder in the world, and every big clubs want to have them. Lucky for Liverpool one of them are there.