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Barca not giving up on Fabregas

Fabregas had indicated that he wanted to return to Camp Nou this summer, but Barca saw a €35 million offer rejected for the midfielder and Arsenal have made clear they have no interest in a deal."Until August 31, all possible signings remain open."

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sokrates4454d ago

Of course Arsenal wants to keep him. But never keep a player who dosent want to stay. The fans deserve players who want to play for the club. This kid doesnt want to play for the gunners, so let him go.

donb4454d ago

Problem is that no players are loyal and love their club anymore. At least they should respect a contract they are signed up on. The clubs pay a lot to keep them, at the end its the fans who pay the clubs. A shame!!

moha104453d ago

He is staying one more year in Arsenal and then he is leaving to Barca.