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Chelsea suffer Alex injury blow

Defender Alex is going to miss the start of the Barclays Premier League season after Chelsea confirmed he is to be sidelined for a month with a thigh injury

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karim4399d ago

Urgh !!!! It's the Chelsea Pre-season Injry Curse :S

EatSleepPlay4399d ago

That means Carvallho will stay !!! Yessss :D Or they'l sell him and buy bruno alves :S

karim4399d ago

I like carvallho he's a great defender and make terry look better than he's really is but i prefer that we let him go for like 8M and buy bruno coz he's getting old and bruno is a young proven star :D

EatSleepPlay4399d ago

Thet portugese league is different from the english premier league so we don't know anything yet