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Yaya Toure: Barcelona said I was crazy to leave and join Manchester City

Having been pursued by Manchester City for 18 months, Yaya Toure - the club's towering new midfielder - eventually decided to say yes at the end of last season. The reaction in the Barcelona dressing room was perhaps understandable.

'When you say: "I want to leave Barcelona", people think you're a crazy person and that's how it was,' said Toure.

'Because they are a big team, a great team, and nobody wants to leave them because of that. So the reaction was that people couldn't really believe it.

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zico4452d ago

Yes you are crazy when you want to leave Barca...or just playing for the money?

karim4451d ago

and that what I hat about you....did you even read the article do you know what he is doing to the money he's earning ? I guess the answer is NO....He left because he's not playing regularly

RedDevils4451d ago

doesn't mean he need to go Man city, why don't he go to liverpool or Tottenham or Inter for that matter, he go because money same with silva, btw who the F pay him 200k a week other than city lol