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It's Official,Fernando Torres not happy at Liverpool.

The whole Fernando Torres story has taken a turn this morning after new Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson has revealed that Fernando Torres has issues with the club and he is powerless to keep him.

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karim4401d ago

It's A Sign ! Abrahamovich go and get him in a cut-price deal =>30M +18M depending on appearances

EatSleepPlay4401d ago

If you'r not happy...LEAVE !!!!

RedDevils4401d ago

he heading to the all star spain team, Barca lol don't think chelsea have a chance getting him,

karim4401d ago

Barca Have Bojan,Pedro,Messi,Ibra and have recently signed david villa so why would they need torres ?

sokrates4401d ago

This team has nothing left. Just a bounch of players who set themselves higher than the club. Even not liking Liverpool, I fell sorry for their fans, who trustful follow the team year by year. From now on it seams like they have to walk alone...

zico4401d ago

You`ll never walk alone!

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