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No Messi without Xavi?

We all know about the amazing season that the Spanish club Barcelona had in 2008 and 2009. They won six trophies and that means that they took all the gold away from their opponents. They entered six competitions and were able to win all six of them, and that marked the end of a world record run. They won the Spanish League- La Liga, Copa Del Rey, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Champion’s League, Super Copa de Espana and the Club World Cup.

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FootballZilla4401d ago

Without Xavi MEssi will be 75% but theres othe amazing Central Mid's

kulka4401d ago

tottaly agree i think Xavi is the best player of all time he can pass he can score he can win the ball back brillant all round player

FootballZilla4401d ago

I agree partly, wouldnt say is better player in the world not even best Central Mid/Def Mid i think Zidane was better.

kulka4400d ago

Zidane was also a brilant player but again when Xavi plays he creates everythink for Barca and Spain i think he is better than Zidane both are/were fantastic players