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Chinese Businessman Kenneth Huang Denies Reports He Has Made Formal Bid For Liverpool

Chinese businessman Kenneth Huang has moved to deny reports he has launched a formal takeover bid for Liverpool.

The entrepeneur was believed to be ready to offer to pay the club's £237 million debt and go up to £320m to wrest control from current Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Chairman Martin Broughton confirmed yesterday up to six interested parties were in the race to buy the Anfield outfit, but Mr Huang was believed to be the most advanced.

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sokrates4392d ago

Well, The Cop was flying high. Now it turns out to be rumers! I felt a litle bit sorry for the kop, but just for a very short time... Wouldnt run that team ever, even if they paid me to.

donb4392d ago

Evry PL club seems to get a rich uncle with all the cash. Exepct from Liverpool- the nightmare is still real. No cash, no culture, no soul!

BjornarO4392d ago

This is not nescesearly bad news for Liverpool. I hope its a tacticle move from the Chinese, since he knows there are an Arabian/Canadian interest in buying Liverpool as well!

kulka4392d ago

Chelsea won the league only because the russian came and bought them the league city are trying the same now football is not about the game any more it is all about money!!

megacardo4392d ago

I laugh! all English must have a rich uncle! can not Englishmen anything about economics. English League is crap.