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Ten Potential Breakthrough Stars For The 2010-11 Season highlights some outstanding young talent to watch this coming season across Europe's top leagues...

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karim4443d ago

Srergio Canales,Marko Marin,Welbeck,Neymar ? But it's a very good list

kulka4443d ago

Kakuta should be there brillant player good list

EatSleepPlay4443d ago

Gael Kakuta and Dani Pachecho Will be The future of chelsea and liverpool respectively + they can save money from their clubs by playing them Example:Kakuta-Attacking Midfielder Instead of ozil and Pachecho...Instead of signing a striker

kulka4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

agree the premier league system is wrong it should not be buying players you need to produce your own players give the chance to the youth there is enough talent out there the problem is that no body wants to see it!

karim4443d ago

Well there is arsenal :P

kulka4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

except arsenal nobody does it liverpool man utd chelsea and other teams dont do it even man city lol one out of 20 sides in the league is not good enough its crazy why spend so much on transfers if you can grow your own players

karim4443d ago

Premier league Giants Like Chelsea,Man Utd,Arsenal Don't spend much in the transfer market because of the quality of their team by looking at chelsea's and man utd's spending:you see almost the same strategy as arsenal Buy Low Sell High Example: Chelsea:Bought Sturrodge,Kakuta,Borini,Josh McEahran,Sam Hutchinson all below 21 They only bought Yossi who is 30 And now Ramires => 23 as for man utd this year they bought Smalling and Hernandez (lucky them) who are also young that means in the near future (4-5 years) all of the PL teams Except Man City LOL :P Will do the same as arsenal Buy Low Sell High

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