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Peter Crouch escapes vice girl claims to find sanctuary at Tottenham training

Peter Crouch walked head bowed into Spurs lodge for training this morning, reeling from allegations that threaten his relationship with model presenter Abbey Clancy.
The England striker drove into Tottenham's complex in Chigwell behind a pair of shades, far from the jovial figure who celebrated goals by doing the robot dance or 'pulling the rope'.
Once among his team-mates, Crouch found time to joke and smile as he was put through his pre-season paces ahead of Saturday's season-opener against Manchester City.

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sokrates4393d ago

This dailymail is full of crap. Couldnt care less abot the footballers private life. He is a great footballer! I hope he will score a lot of goals for Tottenham this season.

moha104393d ago

All great fotballers have a past in Liverpool. And I ask myself: Why did Liverpool get rid of him? I think he is a right player for Liverpool. He scores goals and have other skills than Torres that have been good for Liverpools attack....about his private life; I don`t care.

donb4393d ago

I will tell you why: Its been a long time since Liverpool has a good administration and manager. Bad judgement of amateurs is why they sold him. I presume the club need years to become top 3 in England again.