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Fabio Capello Is Not The Football God England Hoped He Would Be

BR: Capello has not turned out to be the saviour that England has been waiting for.

He was named the modern day Alf Ramsey, but has turned out to be just another guy who tried and failed in one of England's hardest jobs.

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moha104435d ago

I think Svennis was the best manager England ever had. He was really unlucky who didn`t make to the WC final. Capello has better players in his squad than Svennis had but he didn`t get anything out of it.

Leio4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Under Svennis England always get to quarter-final
Most of the time they lost because players like Beckham or Rooney missed penalties ... He did a very good job but anything can turn to shieat under English press.